Who We Are and What We Do

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Complaints Board Removal

The Complaints Board Demolition Team

Our online complaint removal team is comprised of experienced and dedicated internet experts – geeks if you will – each of which possesses nearly a decade of experience in his or her chosen niche of internet privacy, reputation management, internet security, internet law and related fields.

Complaints Board Removal

The Mission: Eliminate Online Complaints Board Posts

At Complaints Board Removal, we’ve made our mission loud and clear from day one: to help defend business organizations from the slander attacks launched by unverified and anonymous internet users.  Why?  Because we run a business too and we’ve run others in the past; hence we know how devastating a few negative reviews on ComplaintsBoard, PissedConsumer and Ripoff Report can be.

It was for this reason that we set out years ago to learn internet privacy, internet law, coding and development, and ORM removal tactics.  Now we know exactly how to remove complaints even in the most difficult cases of defamatory attacks taking place on complaint board sites.

The Complaint Removal Process

Over the past decade we’ve developed unique processes to combat bad reviews and remove complaints from all the leading consumer complaint websites.  We take a holistic approach to get complaints taken down from consumer complaint sites like ComplaintsBoard, Ripoff Report, and a few dozen other sites that business owners find problematic due to the frequent, angry and unfounded accusations made by reviewers made by anonymous internet users on these sites.